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"So my experience so far with Harmonize....

The night I downloaded it I listened to it twice, without headphones. I went to sleep shortly after and slept for 4 hours! Amazing, as for weeks now I couldn't sleep more than 2 hours if I was lucky . When pain levels are high I often go 2 or 3 days sleeping only 20-30 minutes at a time. The 3 days prior to starting Harmonize were like that. For the next 2 days I listened multiple times per day with headphones and slept a lot! I also felt more peace. Today pain levels are high again. Miserable, but it just seems to be part of the healing process. I also feel like I'm detoxing a bit. I'm holding space for it all to shift again soon. I'm so ready to clear more of my shit and transform into something closer to my highest potential! I'm sure the technology you and Sheldon have shared will play a big role in supporting that. Much Love and Gratitude to both of you."

~ Cindy Winter~


"I highly recommend this to everyone! The peace and serenity that it will put you in is truly amazing. The quality of sleep afterwards was so utterly refreshing. I look forward to hearing more from these two."

~ jason hilton ~ 


"I was struggling to find time to listen to HARMONIZE. Finally listened to it before bedtime. Fell asleep to it listening the third time. To my surprise I slept Amazing that night and nights following that despite being woke up in the middle of the night for numerous reasons. My mind did not wonder when I got back to bed and I feel asleep instantly. From my previous experience with mediation and sounding out OM I knew that vibration is healing. I love the tones and vibrations that I experience while listening to the track. I don't get as agitated to people anymore and able to more lovingly respond to my surroundings. It is very healing to my whole body and mind. Thank you Cynthia and Sheldon for sharing your gifts with others, especially now."

~ helen overkill ~




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