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What you need to know about the ACTIVATION SERIES:

ACTIVATION SERIES ( 66 minutes in total ) includes three potent activations in a row: PURIFY, REGENERATE, and ACTIVATE.


PURIFY (11:11) resonates with 64hz tones. This is for purifying the body and mind using high-frequency chimes and voices tuned to the resonant frequencies of the Harmonic Series. With the help of Fae energies and child-like joy, this begins the process in a way that is heart-centered and pure. 

REGENERATE (22:22) resonates with 72hz tones. This is for beginning the process of cellular regeneration and repairing injuries in the auric field which are no longer needed. This is accomplished by relaxing the body and using activating words that remind the cells of a different state of being.

ACTIVATE (33:33) resonates with 88hz tones. This is the final section with three movements. This section takes the listener on a journey inward, and emerges into the sounds of nature to conclude the activation. 



This is a sound healing experience which works with the physical body, auric field and subconscious mind to facilitate transformation and coherence within your body, mind, and spirit. These tones resonate with the harmonic frequencies of the Earth, the Quantum Field, and the Harmonic Series. Simply stated, the Harmonic Series (or Overtone Series) is a mathematical ratio that is present in almost all sounds we hear. When sound is tuned to these perfect ratios, we can feel it deep within our bodies and energetic fields because the sound waves are resonating perfectly with each other; amplifying themselves.  With these activations, we are utilizing frequencies intentionally chosen to boost the resonance with the human body, auric field, and the surrounding space in which the sound is played, which has a purifying effect on the energies of a room or space. Each activation was intuitively created to aid in harmonization, activation, and transformation; as well as to anchor in frequencies available in the Quantum Field to assist humanity at this time.



We ask that you interact with these sound technologies in a relaxed environment with no distractions, in order to allow for the most effective integration of the energies offered through the frequencies. Headphones or speakers with bass are recommended, to fully experience the frequencies as intended. Please do not operate motor vehicles, heavy machinery, or do dangerous activities while listening to/interacting with these sounds. 


Please enter into interaction with each technology with your own intentions for transformation, healing, and activation, to personalize the technology specifically for your benefit and enjoyment.


We trust that you will have a tranformational experience with these technologies, and that they will help bring you the transformation and insight which best serves you at this time.



With Love and Integrity,

Cynthia Rose and Sheldon Ray Bird

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