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Beloved Ones...

During these times of uncertainty, it is so easy to lose our center... our sense of "self".

It is time for us to come together, as One.

It is time to UNIFY within ourselves, and with one another here on this planet, so that we may birth a new Earth together.

If we were to walk embodied, as Heaven on Earth, just imagine what we could create here.

WE would like to celebrate with you, the birth of a new Resonant Frequency Sound Activation.

We ask you now, to welcome UNIFY.


What you need to know about UNIFY:

(UNIFY play time is 22:22)

PLEASE understand that this is meant to be a SOUND HEALING ACTIVATION. We ask that you be FULLY PRESENT with these sound and language activations in order to experience the full benefit of our intentions for you. These sound frequency activations are meant to work with your own individual intentions for Unity or Union in your life as well, and carry the frequencies of not only union of all aspects within self, but Union with the Beloved: Sacred Union of the Complimentary aspects of self embodied in another. 

Shortly after creating this, Cynthia Rose reunited with her Beloved after 6 1/2 years of waiting for him to return to her heart. 

So yes... Unify is a powerful and deeply loving activation, in integrity with Divine Will and the Greatest Good for All. 

We desire to see you thrive. 

We desire to see you happy. 

We desire to see you stand tall in your purpose and soul's promise in this world.

We love you SO MUCH.


We ask that you interact with these sound technologies in a relaxed environment with no distractions, in order to allow for the most effective integration of the energies offered through the frequencies. Headphones or speakers with bass are recommended, to fully experience the frequencies as intended. Please do not operate motor vehicles, heavy machinery, or do dangerous activities while listening to/interacting with these sounds. 

Please enter into interaction with each technology with your own intentions for transformation, healing, and activation, to personalize the technology specifically for your benefit and enjoyment.


We trust that you will have a tranformational experience with these technologies, and that they will help bring you the transformation and insight which best serves you at this time.



With Love and Integrity,

Cynthia Rose and Sheldon Ray Bird

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